in short
edin Training & Translations endeavours to provide high quality tailor made services, specialising in Legal English Training and Legal Translations by fully qualified lawyer-linguists.
edin Training & Translations is based in the Lisbon area of Portugal but operates nationwide and cross border.

our values
For all our services quality is key.

Training entails an investment not only in terms of money, but also in terms of time. Therefore the training options should be as effective as possible, which in our opinion means that they should be personalised. All our courses aim  to develop language skills and ease when speaking, thus enabling the speaker to focus on the content rather than the form. This promotes not only confidence, but also negotiation power. 

Translations need to be accurate, true to the meaning of the original and delivered timely, as simple as that. At edin Training & Translations we furthermore understand the impact of interpretation errors when dealing with legal texts and the importance of understanding legal concepts for the quality of the end result.

Thus for all our Legal English Training & Legal Translation services we rely on fully qualified lawyer-linguists with not only academic but also professional working experience in law.

At edin Training & Translations we also understand our clients’ need for confidentiality and ensure confidential treatment of all documents. If the client so wishes, confidentiality agreements will be signed by us. All our employees and subcontractors are required to sign confidentiality agreements.


behind the scenes
Our principal  lawyer-linguist Wanda Meulenberg Costa Macedo is a fully qualified Dutch lawyer. Upon graduation at the Faculty of Law of the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, she received the Dutch title Meester in de Rechten (Mr.) which corresponds to the English term Master of Laws (LLM).
She practiced law for 5 years in the Netherlands. After working as an in-house lawyer for multinational companies, she was admitted to the Dutch Bar and subsequently worked as a solicitor/barrister at well regarded law firms.
Following a selection for the EYLS post-graduate program of the British Council she studied at the Faculty of Law of The University of Edinburgh, enjoyed a placement at the Court of Session and furthermore gained working experience in the UK as a lawyer with respected law firms.

View profile on Linkedin: https://pt.linkedin.com/in/wandameulenbergcostamacedo

Wanda Meulenberg Costa Macedo’s additional teaching experience in Business and General English have allowed her to develop the course method & manual “Legal English – A Practical Approach”, which since its publication by the renowned publishing house Kluwer has already been put to use by many Faculities of Law of several state universities and universities of applied sciences.. Due to its sale success we are already in the fourth edition of the manual.


For more information please contact us at info@edintraining.com