The edin Legal English Training programs are aimed at those who in their work, research or study need to master Legal English and those who would like to develop communication skills when dealing with foreign clients and counterparts.

The edin Legal Translation services are aimed at those who are looking for high quality legal translations that do not require extensive (and thus costly) review by an inhouse lawyer.

We would love to publish a nice looking extensive list of our clients´ names and logos, since we are happy to have them as our clients, but due to the confidential nature of our services we do not publish the names of our clients.
Our client base is diverse, ranging from large international law firms to sole practioners and arbitration centres.

Some feedback from our clients:

  • “.. this course (..) gives us tons of vocabulary, the lessons are lectured in a dynamic way, forcing us to immediately learn and apply what we have learnt, and above all the lesson contents are very practical and relate to situations in our every day work. Highly recommended.”
  • ” I feel much more confident now when I talk to foreign clients or lawyers.”
  • “The course exceeded my expectations.” 
  • “We had the opportunity to talk about several legal matters and terms that we use at the office, or that we may use in the future. It was very important to learn some templates of contracts, letters and emails that are very useful on a day-to-day basis.”
  • “I already changed my templates.”
  • “The course enabled me to discuss a lot of issues relevant to the legal practice because of the articles chosen for our debate on technology & law, LDO professionals & efficiency, marketing, diversity issues and AFAs.”
  • “I would recommend this course to my peers for the content lectured, the dynamics of the lessons, the course materials provided and for the professionalism and sympathy of the teacher.”
  • “This was the first time that a translated press release did not come back with comments from our English native speaking Director.”

One client we are allowed to mention by name is the Portuguese Bar Association.
In 2013 edin Training & Translations established a partnership with the Regional Council of Lisbon (CRL) of the Portuguese Bar Association. It started with a more general Legal English Course, covering a selection of Business Law & Contract Law topics, and due to the high demand and great reviews of participants, this partnership developed into an annual training program of 3 courses per year.

Another project proudly mentioned is the collaboration with the Faculties of Law of the Dutch Open Universiteit, the Spanish University UNED, and the German FernUniversität in Hagen. Wanda Meulenberg Costa Macedo was invited in 2015 to develop and teach the Legal English online module, with a Bachelor/Master Level and a PhD Level, for the EDELNet program of these 3 universities.
Additionally, since 2015,  she lectures in the Bachelor Summer School, Master Summer School and the PhD Winter School of the EDELNet project.

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