The following services are available:

  • Legal English Training by lawyer-linguists
    We specialise in high quality tailor made services, both in terms of the course program as well as in terms of the course material.
    Based on the “Legal English – A Practical Approach” Method the modular set up of the courses enables us to adapt each course program to each client´s interests & needs. Possible modules include: Business Law, Contract Law, International Law, Litigation & ADR. Extra personalised course material will be developed, when needed, based on authentic legal texts and the needs of the clients..
    Since lawyers commonly have little time to invest due to their work load, the courses are designed to extend the client´s Legal English vocabulary and communication skills in a relatively short period of time, thus representing a high Return On Investment.
  • Legal English Translations by lawyer-linguists
    Languages: English, Dutch, Portuguese, German and French
    Some examples of our translation projects: revision of the translation into English of the Portuguese Law on Voluntary Arbitration, translation into English of the Portuguese Law on Competition, translation into English of the Portuguese Law on Mediation, various types of contracts, general terms & conditions, rules of procedure, submissions, management reports & annual reports, PoAs etc.
  • Language Consultancy Services  by lawyer-linguists
    a set of document review services such as translation review, proofreading etc.
  • Personal Tutoring by lawyer-linguists
    e.g. preparation for giving presentations in English, preparation for negotiations with foreign counterparts, developing company presentations & Linkedin profiles
  • English Language Assessment Tests by lawyer-linguists
    a useful HR tool to assess job applicants for law firms or other legal service positions

Our services are provided under strict confidentiality.

If you would like more information about our services, please contact us for a free budget proposal and further information at

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